My Health Blog: Anti-Aging - It's Problem #1

Fat Burners

1. AP is considered to be one of the best fat burners available nowadays. However, as each company claims their products as "the best", "the most effective" and "absolutely safe", which is often not true, I decided to take a closer look at this product before preordering it, and make my own conclusions based on facts rather than on advertisement and biased super-positive reviews on the official site. So, it is said that we are to lose up to 20 pound within a month due to AP, and that the product is safe and natural. The ingredients are: Phenylethylamine, glucomannan, chromax, raspberry ketones, evodiamine, ginger root, vitamin b12, and caffeine. Many of these ingredients are stimulants, usually added to diet pills to make them give you a boost without increasing your appetite. Stimulants such as vitamin b12 and caffeine suppress appetite (think about how you feel after a cup of strong coffee). After checking many user reviews I have found out that the pill is not a miracle, but not bad either. It works for some people really well, while others have little to no results. The pill also doesn't have any severe side effects, so, it is at least worth trying. According to both the producer company instructions and user reviews, the product gives much better results when combined with proper diet and physical exercises. This is actually applicable to most fat burners.

2. This pill does work, I have already lost 10 pounds, and I feel less hungry, but more energized than before. I'm going to buy them again. I also exercise, which most likely contributes to my result, too, but before I tried this pill, my work-outs didn't help me to lose that much weight.

3. I gave birth to my son half a year ago, and gained 35 pounds of extra weight. I didn't get slimmer after the childbirth, so I decided to try this diet pill in order to lose weight. I ate healthy food and exercised 2-3 times a week, but lost zero pounds, so, I started a very strict diet, counted every calorie, excluded many products, and even eliminated almost every drink except for water and sometimes green tea. And guess what, I still didn't lose any single pound! I must say that I used to take 1 tablet twice a day instead of the recommended 2 tablets twice a day at first, because the product contains too much caffeine, I was afraid that my body wouldn't tolerate it. Then, I increased my doze, and started to take 2 tablets 2 times a day. I do see some very tiny results: I have lost a few inches on my waits and hips, and my face seems to be less chubby. However, this is much less than I expected, the product is not really worth the money. I have done everything I could, but the result is insignificant.

4. AP is over-advertised, but there are too few positive customer reviews, which doesn't make this pill very trustworthy. The list of ingredients doesn't look so bad, but again, these ingredients are often used in many other slimming pills, so, there is nothing about AP that makes it as outstanding as the official site claims. Thus, there is no particular reason to choose it over any other diet pill and pay so much money for it. The price is really high: they charge $49.99 (circa ?35) without free shipping for a one-month bottle. The two and three month versions come with free shipping but cost $89.95 and $119.95 respectively. Amazon sells the same product for a slightly cheaper price, but the difference is eliminated by shipping costs for those who don't live in the US. When it comes to side effects, this pill seems to be pretty harmless, but again, the company's official site does not provide any results of clinical tests, so, why would we trust their claims so easily?

5. I had read a lot of reviews before purchasing this product, and some of them were very negative, many people claimed that they even gained weight while being on this pill instead of getting slimmer. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go. My body usually tolerates medicine pretty well, without any complications or side effects, so this wasn't my big concern, and, according to the recommendations on the product's official site and many reviews, this pill really works when you keep a diet and work out when taking this. I work out 4 times a week, this was not a problem for me either. So, I started taking these. I didn't notice anything at first, but kept on taking the pills and waiting for the first positive changes in my body, and then I realized that I was getting bigger! My clothes seemed tighter on me, and my cheeks looked fuller. I still don't know whether I'm really fatter now than before, or it is just a trick my mind is playing with me, you know, sometimes we see something that exists only in our mind. However, even if I haven't gained any extra weight, I am still very disappointed, this product is very expensive, but it has given me no positive results after almost a month. The official site gives a 90-day back guarantee for this pill, but why should we wait for so long to see the result, it is usually clear after a couple of weeks whether the pill works or not. This one doesn't. It is a total waste of money.