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MApex Products

MApex is a website that sells fitness and weight loss products, mostly (but not exclusively) nutritional supplements, such as multi-vitamins, fat burners, appetite suppressants, muscle builders, workout shakes and drink mixes and snacks. The website is owned by Apex Fitness, Inc. out of Westlake Village, CA. Their most popular product is BodyBugg.

The website is quite user-friendly and provides detailed contact information, including telephone number, email and mail addresses. However, only registered users can order from the site, which may be not quite appealing to some people who prefer to keep their personal data secret. Another major disadvantage is the lack of return policy, which makes a lot of potential buyers restrain from purchasing MApex products. Also, there are no full lists of ingredients the supplements contain - thus, you can't be totally sure about their safety and efficiency. The best-known product by MApex, BodyBugg, is notorious for having certain issues with its software installation.

Do MApex Products Really Work?

The weight loss products and fitness devices by this company are very popular. This is especially true to their BodyBugg device, which gained popularity after being shown in two TV-shows: The Biggest Loser and The Doctors. The appearance of the abovementioned calorie-intake controlling device on TV was an efficient commercial, but many customers still think that My Apex products are overrated. The supplements sold by the company are not really innovative; there are a lot of similar products available. The customer reviews of those supplements are not exclusively positive. What is even more important, the complete lists of ingredients contained in the dieting and fitness products are not available for the customers to show to their doctors before they start taking these supplements. As doctor's consultation is very important before using all kinds of medication, including weight loss supplement or vitamins, it is not really safe to choose those that don't have all their ingredients listed.